All Stars Day Care and Preschool

School Age

Our School Age program consists of children aged 5 years to 12  years. This program helps develop academic and learning skills.

Program Description

We provide an individually paced curriculum for school age children that challenges them academically while preserving their well-being and self-esteem. Our program offers school age children a secure setting for entertaining and informative activities. They learn to ask questions, think critically, and feel responsible for their learning skills, all of which will help them in later education and life. Based on the idea that children learn best through movement and hands-on activities, the school age curriculum offers academic, social, and emotional assistance to enable children to attain their full potential.


To actively engage children’s imagination through music, visual arts, movement and dance, and drama and physical activities.


Our staff takes pride in reading activities that help your child develop reading and listening skills, improving their literacy skills.


Painting allows children to explore their creativity and develop a relaxing and colorful environment to allow brain stimulation

Play Time

Playtime gives provides your child with the freedom to imagine and have fun while socializing with their peers to help develop social skills.

Where Learning is Fun

Our core value is nurturing children’s social/emotional abilities all while building their cognitive development.

Physical - Cognitive - Creative

Our goal is to provide your child with the best care available and ensure every child’s learning experience is positive and joyful.

Our Programs


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After Schoolers

(6 years – up)


Registration $100 Per Family